"Pedersen looked like he was on the verge of a veritably prodigal decision, his eyes boring a painful hole through the back of Johan’s head as though there was nothing the boy would like more than to break out the ever-threatening pickaxe and smash that blond-haired skull in."

Conscripted into the Wehrmacht aged 16. Fought on the Eastern front and lost a bit of his left ear. He’s very proud of that, and of that medal he earned for being wounded. Wanted to be Waffen-SS but ended up in the Allgemeine because of his age. Was shipped off to England in 1946. Bossy, witty, scary and cruel. Has clear favourites of his comrades and does not try to mask his intolerance of the others, most especially Klopp. Infamous for his habit of stalking round threatening to decapitate those that annoy him, shaving cream on his face, brandishing his razor. Has a shaved, square-ish head and large eyes. Has an inexplicable dislike of Florian Bernard.