"He's still alive, but it's not for want of trying..."

Czech-German, from a massive family of active National Socialists. Strongly anti-semitic, anti-Slavic and homophobic. So proud of his German heritage that he can often be heard boasting about the devotion of the Sudeten-Volksdeutschen to the German cause and the fact that his entire family voted in favour of the annexation of the Sudetenland to the Third Reich. A bit scary, ruthless and fanatical to boot. Went to the NPEA Stuhm. Often brags about his family ties to the NSDAP, most especially of his uncle’s involvement in the Gestapo, his brothers in the Waffen-SS, and his father’s position as the town Gemeinschaftsleiter in Ostruvek. Will shoot first and neglect to ask questions. Often butts heads with Johan (and Kasper, by association), whom he dislikes immensely both for his popularity with women and for other reasons. Well known for his unpleasant penchant for greeting people with his fists. Has been involved in several vicious fights with Kasper and Johan.